Successful betting is not only about finding winners, it’s also about handling your bankroll in a proper manner. We at NBA Daily Picks will help you with winners, but You should take care of your bankroll.

First and most important rule is to set your bankroll to amount you CAN afford to lose. This shouldn't be the money you need for anything else.

Here is one way to do it. Whatever your bankroll is, split it in 4 equal parts. So, for example, if your bankroll is 1000$ you will have four 250$ parts. Now you play with 250$ and in this way you are risking only 25% of your bankroll. The point of this is to save your bankroll in case you hit a bad losing streak. You also need to decide which percentage of your bankroll will represent your unit value. I would suggest to use 2.5%, which would be 25$ in our example.

After you manage to double your 250$ block you add that to your bankroll and now your bankroll is: 250$ + 1000$ = 1250$. Split it again in four parts and start playing with 312.50$ block. After you double it, add it again to bankroll: 312.50$ + 1250$ = 1562.50 $. After you split it in 4 parts you play with 390.625$ and so on…

Sometimes you will hit a very bad losing streak and lose 25% of your bankroll. Don’t panic, this is exactly why bankroll is split in 4, you are left with 75% of your bankroll. After this happens just split what’s rest of your bankroll again in four parts and start betting again with a new block. In our example starting bankroll was 1000$, we have lost 250$ and we are left with 750$ bankroll. After splitting it in 4 we now have 750$ : 4 = 187.50$. Don’t forget to adjust the unit size, let it always be 2.5% of your bankroll.

If you use this money management with any of betting systems you will make money in the long run.
Last but not least, be patient! Don’t get taken away when you are on a winning streak, and do not despair when you hit losing streak.

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  1. Great stuff guys! You're making a very risky business extremely safe here!