Monday, October 28, 2013

New NBA season starts tomorrow

Hi all,

New NBA season 2013/14 starts tomorrow, October 29th with 3 games. Orlando will be playing at Indiana, Chicago at Miami and in Staples Center we will have a duel of two LA teams.

We will be starting posting our free picks on Friday, November 1st.

Last season we were having a great run with our 33% System. On April 6th we had +31.29 units of profit.

Playoffs started on April 20th and by then we have lost all the earnings. Those 2 weeks killed us :-(

The problem during those 2 weeks was that during that period not all games were really competitive. Some teams didn't have any chance of reaching  the playoffs, while some teams had their places secured and maybe they didn't play those games 100%. Our mistake was that we also included games those teams were playing as our picks and hence the break down. Next season we will consider only "competitive" games during that period and hopefully we will end the season with significant profits.

At the end have finished the season with a loss of 1.73 units, which is really disappointing. Here you can check our complete 2012/13 results:
2012/13 33% System results

Let's hope for the great run this year and better finish of the season.

See you on Friday with our free picks.